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September 2021 News

Here we are already into September. That means we've started the new Track Club fiscal year. With that come a few changes. For the first time in 20 years or so, I will not be on the "Elected Official" directory. I decided to step aside a few months back after realizing my health battles were taking to much of my energy and I could not devote the time necessary anymore. I was approached by someone that actually wanted to get more involved. So I had a replacement! This will be my last email as we transition to the new regime. I can truly say I have enjoyed serving as Treasurer and President and hope I have made the club a little better. I owe a huge “Thank You” to our VP Brian Dwyer, Secretary John Sanderson, and Treasurer Mike O’Brien. They have carried the load the past 6 months, and they will be returning to serve again this year. You guys are GREAT!

All that being said, there aren't many races in September. The only thing on the calendar is the Binnicker 9K/5K and truly, I don't know what our involvement will be for that event. I have been asked several times if the race is "ON" with COVID, or will it be virtual? I really don't know. I do know most of our October races are still scheduled as "in-person events". As always, continue to monitor the website race calendar for updates.

And now, let’s meet the new President: Frank McKenzie…

"As many of you know I’ve recently been given the opportunity to serve as the new President of NWFTC. I’m extremely honored and excited for this experience, and even more so, I’m looking forward to working with everyone that I’ve met through this wonderful club. It is a club that has great history and great prior leaders, especially my friend Brian McMahon.

My first track club event was running the Billy Bowlegs 5K in 92’ and 93’, although I never met the group then, I did begin meeting them some 20 years later when I went to the McGuire’s Monday night runs.

From there I started running the local 5k’s, meeting great people along the way. I was impressed on how giving and kind the running community was. It was like an instant family; everyone supporting everyone!

Along the way I started volunteering and helping out at races, and enjoyed that as much as racing.

And moving forward, I’d like to continue the traditions of the Northwest Florida Track Club’s goal to encourage local running events, and to support the community through these events. I’m always open to suggestions or new ideas, so please reach out, and no doubt I’ll need help and direction along the way, but I’m confident in knowing you all will be there. I’m grateful to have the support of my wife Susan, and so many friends that I’ve met through this running journey."

Thank you,


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